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      Latest Addition to Poolside

Frasier BOB

New Grand Champion Teabear’s         Frasier Crane

The newest addition to Poolside from Kip and the Teabears, Frasier finished his Grand Championship with multiple Breeds and Group placements. 

Frasier joins his “relatives from Rhode Island” in the land of the sun — Arizona.

Planning to see the greater South West from the Specials Ring in the Spring.



Fredric New GCH
Dovekie gr ch 2nd photo


Thanks so much to Fredric and Dovekie’s breeder, Kip Kopatch, for allowing two of her wonderful kids to come to Arizona and Poolside.

When the judge who finished Fredric and gave Dovekie BOS and more Grand Champion points complimented me on my breeding program, I told him that it was Kip’s that was great and I was so lucky to add Fredric and Dovekie to Poolside.

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 Welcome to Poolside Toys where our dogs are members of the family. Poolside Toys is a very small show kennel. We have had the privilege of acquiring our first Japanese Chin, Kimberly, from her breeders, Marie and Harold Langseth, Langcroft Kennels, followed shortly by Mattie, breeder Gale Rivers, Gayels. Additional foundation dogs, Charlie, breeders Marie and Harold Langseth, Kinsey, breeder Gale Rivers and Magic, breeder Tony Galliano, Alijon, complete our crew. Our original Toy breed was Pomeranians but with the health issues we experienced with our Pomeranians, we chose not to have any more Pom litters. Our goal remains breeding for health and breeding to the standard.

Poolside is the younger sister kennel of our first show venture -- TipTop Terriers. We are the proud breeders of 14 West Highland White Terrier Champions, owners of 5 more Westie Champions and 1 Norfolk Champion. Our wins have included National and Regional Specialties and the Breed at Westminster. Our last Westie living at home, CH TipTop's Baccarat, died unexpectedly on June 4, 2003.  See highlights of TipTop Terriers on A Look Back.

On rare occasions, puppies or older dogs are available to approved homes. All dogs sold as pets are either spayed or neutered before they leave our home, or if not old enough, agreement to neuter by the new owner is required. All dogs are sold with "first right of refusal" for the life of the dog.

We try to keep our AVAILABLE page up to date if you are looking for a quality Chin as a companion.   Additional information and sources are also listed on this page.

Poolside Toys people are Dr. Louis and Marjorie Conway. Poolside Toys is located in the Southwest, USA Our e-mail address is

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