The Chin Champions of Poolside

Poolside is proud to present our next generations of Chin Champions.  Most have finished entirely from the Bred-By Exhibitor class; a few finished from other classes as they shared time with their kennel mates in the show ring.  Poolside has been awarded the AKC gold medallion for Bred-By-Exhibitor champions.  All dogs pictured on this page were Bred By Poolside, Marjorie and Louis Conway with the exception of CH JanLar Poolside Red Sky at Night and CH JanLar Chantilly Lace At Poolside who were bred by Jane E Pearson and CH Two Oaks Mike’N'Ike and New CH Two Oaks Bon Bon who were bred by Roxanne Aldridge and L. J. Kip Kopatch and CH Chinnara Royale King’s Man who was bred by Eun Yum.  CH Poolside JanLar Copper Penny Royale was co-bred by Jane Pearson and Marjorie Conway

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